J. Kennerly Davis, Jr.

Senior Attorney


  • Richmond
  • Richmond

Ken’s practice focuses on energy law and regulation, the restructuring of the electric utility industry and the continuing development of competitive power markets.

Ken has over thirty years of legal and executive management experience in the electric power industry. He has advised traditional utilities, competitive generation companies, power marketers, independent transmission companies, independent system operators and microgenerators.

Prior to joining Hunton & Williams, Ken served as Deputy Attorney General for Virginia, responsible for matters relating to transportation, infrastructure and land use planning. Before that, Ken served as vice-president of finance and administrative services, treasurer and corporate secretary for the Virginia Electric and Power Company, and also worked for Dominion Resources and Virginia Power as an attorney, operations manager and officer.

Relevant Experience

  • Advised existing and proposed independent system operators on wide range of matters, including tariff compliance, contracts of all types, risk management, demand response, transmission planning, the interconnection of generation and merchant transmission projects, and interconnection with other ISOs. He has worked with ISO staff and stakeholder committees to develop and implement criteria and procedures for interconnection projects and transmission planning, as well as rules to allocate the cost of interconnection facilities.
  • Restructured power purchase contracts.
  • Oversaw nuclear plant decommissioning fund, financial risk management and insurance programs and governance programs for power trading operations.
  • Coordinated evaluations of generation assets, and of new business ventures and investments involving energy, nuclear management services and telecommunications.
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