Changes in technology have blown open the possibilities for brands to reach consumers directly, wherever they are. Yet, as rapidly as digital advertising platforms evolve, so do our clients’ issues and questions. We have answers. We understand consumer advertising and marketing laws because we know the process from the inside. Whether developing innovative brand campaigns, evaluating risks, or presenting our clients’ perspectives fairly before state and federal regulators and in litigation, we support every aspect of our clients’ brand and message.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest consumer products and retail companies. We help develop digital ad campaigns, branded content, endorsements and testimonials. We create warranties, guarantees and service contracts. We review retail packaging and labeling. For our beverage alcohol and tobacco clients, we advise on lawful marketing campaigns to of-age consumers. We also know the ins-and-outs of appropriately marketing to children. If our clients want to design a sweepstakes promotion or rewards program,  we steer them towards the most effective outcome, while avoiding liability issues. We also substantiate health, “green” and Made in USA claims.

We understand that effective, truthful and transparent advertising helps create trust between our clients and their consumers. But today, consumer plaintiff suits are not uncommon, nor are competitor suits. Should our clients face litigation challenges or regulatory inquiry, our lawyers are prepared to help. Our team is composed of former FTC regulators and skilled trial lawyers ready to address and resolve our clients’ matters.

Our Team

Our strength lies in our team: the heads of our group have held key government positions inside the US Federal Trade Commission. We bring inside knowledge of the priorities and processes of regulatory and law enforcement agencies. We are thought leaders in our field: our Retail Industry Blog is widely read by industry leaders, and we regularly present to major advertising industry associations.