Robert M. Schulman

  • Washington, DC

Rob’s practice focuses on all phases of patent law in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemical inventions.

Rob’s practice focuses on all phases of patent law in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemical inventions. His major focus is in the area of contested cases at the Patent Office, including interferences, reexaminations (both ex parte and inter partes), as well as inter partes reviews for all types of inventions. Rob also frequently provides advice on validity, non-infringement and claim construction issues in litigation. He has extensive experience in the area of clearance studies for both established and start-up companies.

Rob’s practice includes development of patent portfolios, patent prosecution including application drafting, prosecution of applications and appellate review. Rob has also helped companies establish best practices for patent application writing and claim drafting. Rob has had a special focus in recombinant plant technology, general agricultural technology, vaccines, drug delivery technology, medical devices and polymers.

He regularly speaks at bar association meetings and in front of clients on case law developments in the biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical areas and has been publishing an annual Year in Review relating to such case developments since 2003.

Rob is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and is a member of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and Federal Circuit Inn of Courts. Rob has taught Interference Practice at Georgetown University Law School since 1992

Relevant Experience

  • Established the firm’s chemical and life science patent practice. 
  • Responsible for compilation of patent case database of Federal Circuit and Board of Appeals and Interferences decisions starting in 1982. 
  • Successfully developed intellectual property portfolios for both pharmaceutical and biotech companies from inception to product launch and sale of company. 
  • Conducted numerous due diligence patent reviews, including validity, infringement and right-to-use studies. 
  • Engaged by numerous companies to train their counsel in best practices for drafting claims and conducting prosecution and interferences. 
  • Successfully represented companies in using interferences to invalidate competitor's patents in all technologies but with special focus on biotech, plants, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. 
  • Successfully represented both junior and senior parties in biotech, chemical mechanical and electrical interferences. 
  • Successfully represented parties in federal court appeals of interference decisions. 
  • Successfully worked with trial lawyers in major biotech and pharmaceutical district court litigation. 
  • Representing substantial number of domestic and foreign chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the areas of plant biotechnology, vaccines, drug delivery, DNA screening methods, receptor binding, computer DNA analysis, gas processing, and polymers. 
  • Obtained numerous commercially significant patents which have been successfully enforced in judicial proceedings. 
  • Hatch-Waxman experience for patent term extension and immunity from infringement during FDA approval process.